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Paziņojums par konfidencialitāti

con_pdf_letolt con_nyomtat con_email The operator informs the visitors of the webpage followed during handling personal information practices, to protect data on organizational and technical measures taken, as well as the relevant rights of the visitors and their assertion possibilities.

1. The controller

The data is managed by the Rabalux Zrt. (headquarter: H-9027 Győr, Körtefa utca 5.)

2. Sphere of managed data

The webpage is automatically recorded when the user visits the start and end date, and in some cases - the setting, depending on the user's computer - the type of browser and operating system. From these data, the system automatically generates statistical data. The operator does not connect these data to the personal data. In case of entry, the system sends a session ID, which is automatically deleted when leaving the page. The website use the user-defined data management voluntary consent.

3. Duration of data management

The session IDs are automatically deleted when leaving the webpage. The does not assume any liability for has been deleted, but the assistance of the Internet search engines, it has been archived, previous webpage. The elimination of the operator of the searching site must be provided.

4. Authorization to access to data, data processors

The personal data provided by users to access the data manager. Personal data to third parties except for those indicated in the data does not pass. This does not apply to any statutory, mandatory transmissions, which can take place only in exceptional cases. The data of the individual official information requests prior to each data manager examines with respect to whether there is legal basis for data transmission.

5. Data protection officer

Rábalux Világítástechnika Zrt., and Rábalux Magyarország Kft.( 9027 Győr, Körtefa utca 5. sz., hereafter as Group) based upon the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council following the Article 37/7. hereby we publish the contact details of the data protection officer.
Contact details for data protection officer:
DPO name: Horváth Veronika
Email address:
Phone: +36 30 611 0698
Address: 9027 Győr, Körtefa utca 5.